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ITU Translation Services is headquartered in Miami. We have our roots well established in the South Florida community. In Miami, Translation Services is in high demand due to the diversity of the city and international relations taking place daily.  Miami, at some point an individual or business will need Translation Services. Even Interpreter Services in different languages. ITU Services in Miami is one of the leading Language Service Providers. We are here to help make the process easy and affordable for translation services. 

Miami offers many opportunities in the business world. Miami is among major cities as rich in culture and language. Miami climate brings many residents to sunny Miami Beach and its suburbs like:

  • Downtown Miami,
  • Kendall,
  • Brickell,
  • Miami Gardens,
  • Westchester,
  • Coral Gables,
  • Coconut Grove

and others places, making Miami a city diverse and full of immigration.
Our office in Miami, FL U S A can translate any document for USCIS and other institutions.

ITU Translations in Miami offers translation services in Miami and all Florida. We are corporate members of the ATA (American Translators Association) and provide certified, notarized and professional translations at affordable rates for individuals and businesses in Miami. ITU Translations in Miami provides document translation services in all languages. Among the highest in demand is Spanish and at ITU we have in house Spanish translators available 24/7

International Translation Agency Miami office: 305-747-5996 or email us at

Document Translation Services in Miami

ITU Translation Company has a staff of in house professional translators ready to translate documents in many languages. We provide Certified and Notarized Translations for institutions like USCIS, Academic institutions, Consulates, Embassies and more. 

Some examples of certified translations are:

  • translating birth certificate,
  • divorce certificate,
  • marriage certificate,
  • translate financial records and more.

We, ITU translation services also provides Professional Translation Services for businesses in need of translating employee handbooks, translate websites, translate marketing material and more by using translation and localization services.

Translation Services for all Industries

ITU translation agency has a staff of professional translators in Miami FL specialized in various industries. Translation and Localization projects are taken on by multiple translators and project managers. We are ready to make sure your language barriers are smoothly transitioned and effective. Translation services in Miami Florida services industries such as:

  • manufacturers,
  • food industry,
  • hotel and tourism industry,
  • advertising industry and more are provided by our professional staff of translators.

Please remember we have inhouse servces in:

  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Italian,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Arabic,
  • Chinese and more.

Translation Services for specific industries require enormous responsibilities by the translation company when translating industry specific terminology. It is imperative that our accuracy is reflected well and communicated as intended to avoid an liabilities as a translator. 

Please always consider the fact that our translation agency is certified and insured.

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Interpreter Services in Miami

ITU translation company offers Interpreter Services in South Florida for USCIS and business meeting alike. ITU has professional interpreters in many languages. Many of those are, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Italian, Hebrew and more. For court certified interpreters request must be made at least 2 weeks before the meeting. Please reserve in advance your certified court interpreter. This is a high demand service and the number of  certified interpreters in the state of Florida is limited.

Certified Document Translation Services Miami

Certified Document Translation Services require a certificate of translation. Miami translation freelancers often have a certificate from the agency to prove their level of fluency which should be signed by the translator or project manager. ITU translation agency will always provide a notarized certificate of translation for all certified translation request at no additional costs. Spanish birth certificate, Spanish marriage certificate or Spanish divorce certificate is probably the most commonly translated document and we offer the best price in Miami. ITU Language Solutions offers the service for all languages in certified translations.

In the U S A anyone can certify a translation as long as he or she is fluent and native to the languages being translated. The individual translator can certify their own translations and/or the employee of a translation agency. What is included in the certification statement?

  • Statement of the translator’s qualifications.
  • A statement affirming the completeness and accuracy of the document.
  • Identification of the translated document and language.
  • The translators name, signature and date.

What is the difference between a certified translation and a notarized translation? Some end users of certified translations may request or require the certificate of translation be notarized, which acknowledges or notarizes the identity of the individual signing the certificate of translation.

Spanish Translation Services

ITU Translation Services is well know for translating one of the most commonly translated languages in Miami and South Florida- Spanish. Being that our office is in Miami Florida we feel the need to provide quality and affordable translation services in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic. Over the last 10 years we have translated over 100,000 pages of certified translations from Spanish to English for USCIS and can provide affordable Spanish translation in Miami FL.

translation and interpreting services that fit your needs

Spanish Translation FREE QUOTE

Ensure to ask us whatever is on your mind in regards to translation services. Many clients have different needs and requirements, if you have any doubt make sure you ask us for a free consultation- contact us today at 305-747-5996 or email us at

For Immigration Services Miami we work with a network of Pro Bono or low costs Immigration Lawyers- contact us at 305-747-5996

Miami Document Translation Rates

Document Translation Services vary in costs by language. Our price structure for certified translations is by page and for professional translations is by word. We make sure to explain all costs to our clients and under no circumstances do we charge any hidden fees for certified translations or notarization. We understand the translation service can get pricey with translations agencies in South Florida and for this reason we pride ourselves on being an affordable go to translation agency, we are fast and accurate with an in house staff to make sure your costs or lowered. Typical documents like a birth certificate or marriage certificate can be translated fairly quickly. Please call, you’ll be surprise with our best market price.

Translation services outlets in Miami often have their fixed price for every type of translation. You can get a list of these packages from the company to know what plan works for you per time. Always make sure there are no additional costs or hidden fees associated with your certified translations in any language. Consult us on our B2B rates in Miami for Immigration Firms and Legalization Services in Miami.

Contact us for free quote at our Miami Translation Office- 305-747-5996

How to Find a Good Translation Company

Translation Services in Miami can be found almost anywhere on the WEB, but finding the right translation company in Miami can be tricky. One of the most effective ways of researching your Miami translation options is by researching the reviews and the accuracy of businesses and projects the translator has done in the past. Translating documents should be done by a professional translator who is able to provide a certificate of translation. ITU translation agency will make sure your translations are certified and notarized if needed at no additional costs. ITU translations services in Miami does USCIS translations on a daily basis and have professional expertise in providing translations for USCIS.

The reviews can be a major pointer in the right direction. Miami translation companies have reviews online for the public to access. In the United States, reviews are one indicator to help picking great service providers from the not-so-good ones. Also, membership status in the ATA (American Translators Association) in one indicator of an agency keeping to date with the industry standards. ITU translation services has a corporate member status with the ATA and a BBB rating of A++, you may check out our reviews on the web.


What we do requires a high level of confidentiality. All language material we receive is guarded safely and secure. Any individual translator hired by ITU translations in any language is under contract and have Non Disclosure Agreements on file. All rights are reserved to our clients. We are hired as Language Providers and our intent is to provide accurate translations while guarding your private information.

Miami translations services company offers non-disclosure agreements to our clients in cases involving sensitive information. English and Spanish translations can be done to and from any language- rest assure that all translations will be handled confidentially by our staff of translators.

ITU Translation Office for translations can be reached at 305-747-5996 or email us at

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If you want to get a free consultation without any obligations, fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.