ITU Translation Services help businesses emerging globally to easily communicate and transact. These days, people need to travel worldwide to expand their businesses and deal with the different business leaders. Due to this reason, the demand for translation services has increased. Not just businesses, but schools, colleges, banking sectors, and more need these services. 


ITU translation services are a certified translation and language company in Miami, FL serving people since 2017. It provides high standard translation and language services with great accuracy to businesses and individuals across the United States and abroad at a competitive price. ITU certified translator service is highly preferred for quality and accuracy.


Its business operations are handled by the best skilled and experienced in-house team of specialized translators and linguists. It can manage and gives service in over 150 languages and can work even in highly complicated multilingual projects. They also provide the business document translations that will ensure any companies access in the global market. 

Here are the different business sectors where ITU Translation Services works globally:


  • Certified and legal translation services


As a certified translator and corporate member of ATA (American Translator Association), it follows all the guidelines and provides notarized certificate translations to the customer with no extra charges. It provides legal translation and interpretation for court and related businesses.


  • Translation service for financial, medical, technical translation services


As sometimes the translation services also play a great role in the medical field. Their B2B translation is available for the customers of any business sector 24/7. Their skills in translation technology are guaranteed with 100% accuracy.


  • Translation of school contents


It provides academic evaluations and 24/7 translation services for communicating in different languages for various institutions.


  • Affidavits, Apostille, and Online Notarization


They also do the certified notarized translation and authenticate your documents and affidavits. They provide apostille and referral services for immigration cases. 


  • Voice-Over, video services in multiple languages


ITU services companies and individuals working with the auto visual works with language services. Also creates quality training videos of different languages and E-learning for the schools and institutions. It provides subtitling, captioning, and dubbing in different languages. 


  • Translation services and localization of websites, Apps, marketing material, and more


ITU offers services to businesses and the individuals who want to launch their websites and applications to the different language market to expand their businesses and for the communication and their sale strategies.


  • Desktop publishing (DPT) in multiple languages to create a final presentation in any format


It provides services for the desktop presentation that provides the mirror image of the original document video in the client’s preferred language. It uses and licenses software to handle the desktop presentation.


  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)


ITU offers its services to companies that are in the need to interact with their clients and partners in different languages during business meetings and conferences. With their skilled and talented speakers, they provide the best quality service.


The ITU Translation Services is among the best US translation company that provide its customer professional and certified translations for over 150 languages. They keep their customers happy with the guaranteed works with complete accuracy.