We translate for you in different languages and formats.

Overcome cultural barriers with ITU Translations.

Doing business or paperwork in a foreign
language, in a quick and smooth manner will
no longer be a problem.

Doing business or paperwork in a foreign language,
in a quick and smooth manner will no longer be a problem.

Overcome cultural barriers with
ITU Translations.

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Doing business or paperwork in a foreign language,
in a quick and smooth manner will no longer be a problem.


ITU was incorporated in 2017 to provide document translation services and language services with a quick turnaround, high standards of accuracy and competitive prices, and to offer special language service solutions to companies and individuals who require specific attention tailored to their projects.
Our main offices are strategically located in Miami, FL, but provide services worldwide.
Our translation agency provides services to businesses across the United States and abroad. Businesses have relied on our skilled, experienced in house team of translators and linguist to deliver business document translations that maximize global market reach and/or satisfy institutional requirements. Today, at ITU Translations, we count on a team of in house specialized translators in different languages, certified by the major relevant associations and entities in the field, ready to work in multilingual projects of any level of complexity.

Our services

Professional or Certified translations for businesses or individuals is what we do. In addition, all language services, such as Voice Over, Subtitles, Dubbing and more.
next day Translation Service
Translation of documents to be submitted to USCIS (US Immigration Services)

For immigration procedures for individuals or companies:
Asylum applications.
Investment visas.
Talent visas.
Personal documents.

same day Translation Service
Technical, scientific, legal and literary translation

The service required by American or foreign companies, individuals and intellectuals (writers, journalists, columnists) to translate their texts or information materials into other languages, preserving the style, the author's intention and the relevant specialty.

Reliable Translation Service
Translation of informative and educational materials

For companies and educational and/or training or other institutions in the public and/or private sector that need to communicate messages or content in several languages to a specific audience.

Best Translation Service
Affidavits, Apostille and Online Notarization

For companies or individuals who request these additional services, for documents translated by ITU or others required by the client.
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Fast Translation Service
Subtitling, Voice Over and/or Dubbing

For companies or individuals linked to the area of audiovisual communication who require these special services in several languages. From Subtitling, Captioning, Voice-Over and Dubbing- our services guarantee quality video work to meet your needs.

Translation Service
Translation and localization of websites, copy, and other marketing materials

Aimed at individuals or companies who wish to communicate their messages and services to different language markets, through the most widely used digital advertising platforms.

International Document Translation
Transcription of information materials in different formats (text, audio and video)

For companies or individuals who need to have their library or archive in different formats, in their original language. This service can be combined with the translation of the content into the language required by the client.

Document Translation
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

For companies and/or individuals who need to communicate in different languages for their meetings, conferences and events through teleconferencing or video conferencing tools.

Have you found the translation and interpreting services that fit your needs?

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Fort Lauderdale Translation Services

We translate and interpret in over sixty languages and more per request of translation project

ITU Services works with over 60 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Haitian Creole, among others. We have the right linguist for your project.

Our team of Professional Translators ensures that no matter what you’re aiming for or whatever area you operate in, we will deliver outstanding results and open a free flow of communication with your peers.


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Our methodology

ITU Services, LLC, Interpreters, Miami, FL

What our customers are saying about us

Very fast, professional and good prices. I would recommend them. I did everything online with them. Payment was very easy. I went in person to pick up the translation certificate although they offer to send it by FedEx if you live far.

Lucía Soto

Outstanding service! We have been working with ITU for a few years now and they have always been very professional, fast and the prices are very reasonable. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thank you very much!

Documents International LLC Apostille Documents

Thanks to ITU and all its staff for their commitment and great sense of responsibility in their work. They accept feedback, give the extra mile and provide work on time and accurately in compliance with the best practices and standards in translations.

Lora Espada

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Why choose our translation and interpretation services

ITU language services is a one stop shop language service provider. Professional or Certified translations for businesses or individuals is what we do.

Up to this date, ITU has managed projects for multinational corporations and individuals in the US and abroad with full client satisfaction as we guarantee our work. In addition to our wide range of services, customized options and multiple languages, our company is a member of the most relevant institutions in the field of translation: it is a corporate member of the ATA, rated as an A+ company by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is listed as one of the top 30 translation service providers in the USA by Good Firms.

For example, If your business currently has its operations in several areas of the Globe, then you very likely have come across language barriers at some point in time.  If your target audience is diverse then maybe your website or marketing material  needs translation. or possibly a contract in another language. Any foreign document must be translated to the country’s official language.

Also, many institutions like USCIS, Colleges and University, Courts, Embassies and Consulates will always require all foreign documents to be translated and certified to English; this is where certified translations come into play.

Translation brings about a synergy between the sender and the receiver. With this, they can effectively understand themselves. Effective Communication requires effective and fast Translation Services performed by a responsible translation company to ensure that any message in any language is transmitted and understood regardless of context or complexity.

Our services have been tested, and effectively endorsed, earning us the tag of being a trusted brand. We offer translation services in over 150 foreign languages; our in house translators have the expertise to complete your language service request.

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