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ITU Translation services

ITU works with attorneys in all fields of the law to translate corporate legal documents. For instance, court orders, USCIS required, contracts, apostilles and more.

ITU Translation Services

ITU works with Multinational Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Agents and many financial institutions. Please contact us to translate foreign documents for loan application processes and more.

Translation Services

ITU works with many Manufacturers, Legalization companies, Embassies or Consulates and Corporate clients.Our translations are customized to the region (localization) where the corporate entity is doing business. In addition, video services, such as, transcribing, subtitling, captioning, voice over and more.

ITU Translation Services

ITU works with individuals who need personal documents translated for various reasons. For example, academic evaluations, diplomas, university transcripts, tax returns, letters and more.

Translation Services

Translation Services Near Me

Translation Services

Translation Services – Professional or Certified translations for businesses or individuals and Interpreter Services is what we do every day at ITU Services. Also, ITU services provides all Video Services, such as, subtitling, dubbing, captioning, voice over and more. We are a one stop shop for language services.

If your business currently has its operations in several areas of the Globe, then you have likely come across language barriers at some point in time. If your target audience is diverse then maybe your website or marketing material needs translation. or possibly a contract in another language. Any foreign document must be translated to the country’s official language.

Also, many institutions like USCIS, Colleges and Universities, Courts, Embassies and Consulates will require foreign documents to be translated and certified to English. Choosing a professional and certified translator is crucial in any process to avoid delays and unnecessary costs.

Translation Services brings about a synergy between the sender and the receiver. With this, they can effectively understand themselves. Effective Communication require effective and fast Translation Services performed by a responsible translation company to ensure that any message in any language is transmitted and understood regardless of context or complexity


Our services have been tested, and effectively endorsed, earning us the tag of being a trusted brand. We offer translation services in over 150 foreign languages; our translation company has the capability to work on most of these languages efficiently. In addition, ITU services provides Transcription, Subtitling, Captioning, Video Burning for subtitles and voice over for videos.

Immigration has increased the demand for Translation Services in the US. The high demand for document translation has made us put our focus on delivering accurate and reliable translations. At ITU Translation Services, we ensure the experience of our translators is best used in helping solve such issues by following USCIS guidelines for immigration-based translations.

At ITU Translation Services, we ensure the experience of our translators is best used in helping solve such issues by following USCIS guidelines for immigration-based translations.


ITU Services, LLC, Interpreters, Miami, FL
ITU Services, LLC, Interpreters, Miami, FL
ITU Translation Services

What to expect from ITU Translation Services?

Certified Translation-  Professional Translation- Legal Translations

Our team of Professional Translators ensures that no matter what you’re aiming for or whatever area you operate in, we will deliver outstanding results and open a free flow of communication with your peers.

We have a vast variety of language services that we translate on a daily basis, not limiting ourselves to commonly performing English translations, French to Italian translation services or convert Spanish to Italian, thus we offer all combinations and pairs. We translate to Spanish or translate to English the same way we handle all languages with all kind of documents.



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Accuracy, Fast Turnaround, Quality, Affordability

Our goal is to ensure that we do not take out the original or intended meaning from whatever we translate. and provide accurate, affordable and reliable service. Finally, make sure your translations are certified for whichever institution will be receiving them.

This is why we seek expertise in our in house staff before they are employed in our company. When it comes to translators, feel free to contact us, we have many in house translators that translate into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and more. Spanish to English translation/French to English translation is among the most translated in the US and we have the know how to provide fast and accurate with affordable translation rates.

With wide experience in handling highly confidential documents our agency assures fast, accurate and affordable translations. 

BBB accredited- ATA member- Licensed and Insured

Our translation company has confidentiality agreements with all translators and rights reserved to our clients, we often deliver contracts, medical documents, legal documents and other complex documentation.

Our agency has been accredited by the BBB as an A+ company. We are also ATA Corporate Members and are licensed and insured.

With over 40 languages covered in house and more on request, our translators and translation services will grant you access to the rest of the world providing you with language translation documents of high standards.

Most importantly, we deeply pride ourselves on working closely with translation partners that include some of the most successful translation services companies in the world. We have an understanding that no man can be an island, and teamwork is key in any business.

B2B Translations and Corporate Translations

We have been trusted by many fortune 500 companies to provides translation projects on constant basis as these companies strongly understand that our unique attention to detail and quality of their translation is also part of their own success.

We work with many Consulates and Legalization companies to provide their clients with quality translations and offer affordable rates to businesses and individuals a like.

For B2B translations and Corporate clients, give us a call do discuss how we can enhance and make more profitable your translation service.

We understand the importance of price factors and you’ll be pleased to find that our document translation rates put our services among some of the best services you can hire. Contact us for your language translation needs, we can provide a free quote for our services. With an in house staff of professional translators, we ensure the constant delivery of excellent content that surpasses our customer’s expectations and boost your bottom line.

What is Translation Service?

Our translation focuses on text based communication and requires a language pair to translate the text from one language to another.

At ITU a duo of translators, proofreaders and copywriters always double-check the final product of our translation services before it’s handed back to you for approval, along with a project manager that oversees and ensures that all quality control steps are observed during the process.

Our translation or interpretetation services often take a very short time compared to our competitors, given the high efficiency of our translation team. Whatever your requirements may be, English to Spanish translation or Spanish to English or any language pair, our experienced in house translators will be experienced to specifically deliver your project.

As our translation services mainly centers on document translations, we return all translation digitized (PDF) and hard copy available by request via FedEx.

Visit us on Google My Business and read our reviews for ITU Services. You’ll find why we are second to none when it comes to translation services. If your request is urgent, you can also leave us a message via WhatsApp with respect to the translations you need. We handle all incoming calls or emails of translation services immediately.

ITU Translation Services

Contact us 305-747-5996 or

We are Headquartered in Miami and have offices and agents in most major cities, we offer translation services to individuals and businesses worldwide with fast delivery anywhere in the globe. Our content department provides video transcription, subtitling, captioning and video burning for subtitles, as well as voice over for videos. Need assistance with SEO content and Localization for websites?

Ready to Enhance Your Global Reach?

ITU Translation Services

ITU is considered as one of the top 100 Global Translation Services company and listed as one of the top 30 translation services USA by Good Firms, Member of the ATA and BBB accredited. We are on the go to ensure we become better as the day goes by, and we never miss an opportunity to invest in ourselves.

We have Translation offices and agents in most major cities covering USA translation services. Our certified translation services in USA include all major US cities, such as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, , Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Houston,  Kansas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Newark, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Rochester, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Toronto, DC Washington, and more.

Heard of our Language Translation Services in Washington DC? ITU Translation Services Washington DC describes the massive scope of our translation services in Washington and every other state we operate.

The documents  translated are produced by certified experts, all rights reserved to you. ITU Translation Services Washington DC breaks the language barrier of businesses rendering services in Washington DC and its environs due to the location of foreign embassies. DC Washington is a hallmark of excellence and is home to distinct organizations, thus, ITU translation services Washington is available 24/7- rendering language translation services in Washington DC matters to us.

We work on documents in different languages, making them digitally accessible to our clients. Do you reside close by and are you needing translation into any foreign language?

Our translation services in Washington DC will cater to your needs by providing you with first-class documents in the languages you require. Whether you find yourself in DC Washington or not, you can expect language services from us that will not only meet your needs but will surpass it.

ITU Language Solutions is an ATA member

The ATA stands for American Translators Association headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. We are ATA corporate members and follow guidelines of the ATA. For immigration purposes we follow USCIS guidelines. As ATA members you can trust us with your translations for immigration in the US with qualified translators.

For a translator to get an ATA certificate they must go through an examination process for the language pairs he or she wishes to become certified in.

Translators in general are certified by their level of education in language and memberships to organizations like the ATA. We are corporate members of the ATA and adhere to all ATA standards.

ITU Translation Services guarantees A+ translations

By trusting ITU Translation Services for your next set of translations, you will experience the real difference of quality translations and immediate attention by our staff to meet your needs by providing excellent customer service. The difference is usually clear as we stand out from the norm, and give you language services that are unique for individuals and businesses. We look forward to having you or your business join us alongside some of the great and successful partners that have already trusted our services. References available upon request.

What type of translations can be performed?

ITU Services
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We offer Professional Translations and Certified Translations for all types of documents in all languages and Localization on translation projects. We can provide court-approved sworn translations for many courts by request. We often perform translations of document or services involving language translation for Lawyers, Manufacturers, Schools, Medical, Advertising Agencies and more. Our team of professional translators offer accurate translations of different documents at competitive prices. We often perform French to Italian translations as well as French to Portuguese translation services and all language pairs. With our headquarters in the US, most of the documents we receive require language or language translation in English. Nevertheless, we offer translation services of documents in many other languages and all clients have rights reserved for confidentiality with sensitive documents.

Contact us and learn more about our Online Certified Document Translation Services at ITU.

ITU translation agency has a staff of professional translators in Miami FL specialized in various industries. Translation and Localization projects are taken on by multiple translators and project managers. We are ready to make sure your language barriers are smoothly transitioned and effective. Translation services in Miami Florida for industries such as, manufacturers, food industry, hotel and tourism industry, advertising industry and more. Services are provided by our professional staff of translators in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese and more.

Translation Services for specific industries require enormous responsibilities by the translation company when translating industry specific terminology. It is imperative that our accuracy is reflected well and communicated as intended to avoid an liabilities as a translator, our translation agency is certified and insured.

ITU Translation Services

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ITU Services, LLC, Interpreters, Miami, FL
ITU Translation Services
ITU Translation Services